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Ted Value Talks more About Resistance

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Now, the game's been out for a month, so it's a pure time to look back and replicate on issues -- what worked? 720p is smoother than 1080i, regardless of the bigger number going in the direction of the latter. Take this opportunity to pat yourselves on the again, regardless of your, um, "console affiliation". But Resistance went the 720p route for just that reason. Insomniac CEO, Ted Value. The Cell has a pretty steep studying curve and Ted claims they've just begun to understand the right way to work the PS3. The game was constructed particularly for the PS3. Which you'll try to say that about 6GB of the sport is cinematics, but would that be accurate? The game could never fit on a DVD. At one point, although, you just must determine that it is "good enough" and let that baby bird fly. It would have to have whole levels eliminated.

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